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Slowloft© Slowloft©

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K, so I haven't been on newgrounds for awhile, and initially I was admittedly disgruntled to see some unfamiliar title occupying the spot for top flash....

But I recognized the play on words in the title and decided to give it a try, and it is fuckin great. Everything about it. Wonderful.

...except anal bleading :S Oh, doug..

CirrusEpix responds:


O.N.E. O.N.E.

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You's got real talent

Like, rare - style

Do keep up the work and keep posting it

though, if you sincerely believe 'music is the universal language'

you might consider incorporating something other than the pop - main - stream into your work

(though not necessarily, non-ironically)


Sobe - Fuel Drink Sobe - Fuel Drink

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That was funny

Maybe more or less so since I haven't actually heard or seen the sobe comercials, but still a very amusing diversion from this fucking essay I have to turn in tomorrow to graduate from college.... fuck

"The Fox and the Mirrior" "The Fox and the Mirrior"

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You're really talented.

-Where it Ends- -Where it Ends-

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Definitely nice work, but I think Knox already has dibs on the whole 'table' gag. The claymation was well done, but not particularly interesting..

Pandamatic (part one) Pandamatic (part one)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Some good work here

The best part was the Mario scene. More of that, please :]

F'reals though, keep it up

Faust - Episode 2 Faust - Episode 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad, but

From what I recall of the earlier episodes, the style of each is regressing. I really like what you're doing, but the graphics this time were rather indecorous and the voice acting grated. Still hoping to see more of these, but I personally think you can do better. Keep it up.

The Credibles The Credibles

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Nice one dude

You have a really distinct style, I can always tell it's your work even when I don't check til after I watch. That's something to celebrate.

The Fly Who Loved Me The Fly Who Loved Me

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The New Punks The New Punks

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Great style, a really polished looking piece of work. Should be on top.